5 major Mistakes Marketers Must Avoid

Marketing is one of the most essential parts of any successfully functioning and suitably growing business. While sales typical drives the revenues, marketing effectively roots for strategically designing the tools and techniques to inspire more interest and eventually sales. Although marketing is a pretty established vertical, there are times and cases that can cause a serious damage if overlooked from a marketing perspective. Here are 5 major mistakes, marketeers must avoid at all costs… ONE – DON’T AIM TOO HIGH! Being a visionary is one thing and being deluded by apprehensions is another. Marketeers must consciously consider the practical implications, limitations and challenges that may come in the way of the goals, making them over-ambitious. Aiming high does really help whether it is on creative, content or strategy front however, crossing the thin line between genius and stupid must be avoided under any circumstances. Once you give your business, a reason to distrust your projections, you might forever end up struggling to get your plans approved. TWO – DON’T WAIT FOR THE WORST DAYS! When everything is working fine and is on-track, you might get motivated to go “easy” on marketing. However, this displaced sense of enhancing marketing inputs only when the crisis strike can cost your business a fortune. In fact the core-focus of marketing should be to ensure that a day of crisis never strikes by constantly, consistently and sustainably keep evolving creative marketing initiatives. THREE – STAY IN TOUCH WITH THE WORLD! It is very easy to be always surrounded by like-minded people in your department and start developing a distorted notion of reality! Such a self-obsessed echo-chamber of perceptions and ideas leads to creation of a turbulent disconnect between marketing efforts and the audience. In the current social media era, it wouldn’t take too much time doing a basic analysis of ground reality for your business before getting too confidently absorbed in “your way” of getting things done. FOUR – DON’T MAKE FALSE PROMISES! Missing projections by a fraction or a hairline is one thing. While not coming even close to the promised vision… is a sharp turn towards annihilation. Marketing like any other department, relies on delivering what was promised, doing what was promised, realizing the projections. The problems begin when the promises aren’t kept and, or, directly violated. This creates a very serious dent on marketing department’s reputation. Promises not kept shall ruin the platter for even those that were kept. FIVE – DON’T LET THE SALES DRIVE YOU! Staying in-tune and responsive towards the sales performance is definitely an integral part of being an effective marketing leader. However, getting too trapped in the numbers can lead to an unsustainable feedback-loop of doing only what works and can limit the possibilities of creative enhancements in the brand and business performance overall. Keeping on repeating what works because numbers back it, can pollute the scope and vision of creative possibilities which competition might outrun you on. Wanna know more about what can comprehensive social and digital marketing do for your brands, services or products? Try Digital Marketing Wale’s experienced and expert digital marketing force that shall steer your communications in right way, at right places and at right times.

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