Making sure that your online presence ranks well-enough by search engines so as to at least allow your customers and target audiences to find you better, is the least you should expect from a good website! Today, with the speeding rate of information and technology, there are several ways and means that allow websites to enhance their search engine optimization. However, to do so extensively, you might need a website and digital marketing expert like NED Studio’s Digital Marketing Wale at your disposal. This blog is all about empowering you to unlock your website’s potentials to increase its SEO performance in 5 super-easy steps without any help of advanced digital geeks in your team. ONE – Select a Unique but Relevant Domain Name! In an online world where an estimated 1.7 Billion websites exist, it is needless to say why having a common name for your website’s URL can hurt your business right away. Think of choosing a URL for your website, like naming your new-born child. You want the name to be unique-enough for the child to be able to stand out from the crowd, but also be practically relevant enough for child to not feel alienated. Avoid domain names that happen to be very long, complicated, random alphanumeric, awkwardly abbreviated and have silly meanings. Best URLs should be short, easy to remember, and directly related to your business. Getting customers to accept and memorize your ultra-unique choice of domain names is its own marketing and financial challenge you might not wanna fall for. To get the best ideas, just have a look at all the names of leading social media brands and popular smartphone games and applications. TWO – Keep the Website Fit and Healthy! At first, it might sound like a wrong-connection; but when you ponder enough, you’ll realize how a light, easy-to-load and navigation-savvy website can boost the positive appeal of user experience and can keep users coming back for more. If you load your website with all sorts of heavy media files, or special-effects that don’t load with moderate internet speeds, you are missing out on a big-chunk of audiences that will leave your website in frustration. Remember, an angry website user is way more dangerous than a user that is ignorant of your website. IRCTC website is a classic case-study of how poor customer responses had given website and company such a bad repute. Luckily, they made a lot of improvements and have come to a much smoother and easy-to-load website. You might not be as lucky and blessed with vitamin-M to undergo such disasters! THREE – Say only what’s needed! People often think that blabbering endlessly on websites and dumping content will keep making website more relevant and SEO friendly. That’s just WRONG! The right, judicious and smart use of communications can help your get the best SEO hits, without trying too hard or too desperately. There are several click-bait strategies that were earlier used to deceive online users to land on specific website; which have been recognized by web-crawlers and black-listed. If you trying using some cheap patch-work (jugaad!) to make your website act in a disingenuous manner, webs crawlers will not only catch you, but will also de-rank your listing if there are severe violations. The best way to be online is to mind your own business and stay authentic over content for clear and fruitful user engagement experiences. FOUR – Cross-Linking of Content! It is much more advisable to have and promote online content for your website which is relevant on a broader scope of people and businesses. This will allow you to link your website’s data with other websites and in turn, will pull a good amount of viewer engagement from your website. Think of this as pollination of flowers. The more pleasing your flower, the more compelled shall bees feel to come to it. The more pollination happens… and it finally gets to fruition of efforts. Sharing and linking useful content across your website will not only make your content richer, but will also make web-crawlers up-rank your website over the competition. FIVE – Study the Web Analytics and Evolve with it! What’s actually happening between the users/visitors and your website is primary the content of web-analytics! Which pages are being visited more? Why do most people stop at certain images or content? What time are most of your target users online? What are the peaks and valleys of your website’s reach? These data points can make a pivotal difference in how your website performs and hence making changes and best decisions really helps yours website. Enabling web-analytics on your website and keeping track of online traffic isn’t too big or complicated, a task. Wanna jump the puddle and rather sit back and experience the true power of effective SEO & Website design and development? Try Digital Marketing Wale’s experienced and expert digital marketing force that shall steer your communications in right way, at right places and at right times.

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