The creation of Google What made this company THE GIANT that it is today?

The creation of Google

What made this company THE GIANT that it is today?

Google is equivalent to a verb when it comes to searching for something online. But do you know how Google was launched? And what made it one of the biggest in the world?

In 1995, 2 students from Stanford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with the idea of “Google”. Google is a play of words that procures its meaning from Googol meaning 10¹⁰⁰. This word had an Orphic meaning. It described the limitless information that this company has.

This company was incorporated in 1998 and more heads joined the team. By 2000, Google became the world’s largest search engine. In later years, this giant whale took over’s Usenet discussion service, Pyra Lab’s Blogger, YouTube, Double Click, Nest, etc. It also partnered with companies like AOL.

Incorporation, funding and more…

Google was launched in 1996 on Stanford’s official website, but this was not it. After it earned its name, Google was officially launched a year later. It got its first funding from a company Sun Microsystems that sold computers and their components. Andy Bechtolsheim the co-founder was impressed by their hard work and offered them funding of $100,000. This also attracted other Angel investors, one of them being Jeff Bezos from Amazon.

Google announced its equity listing of 25 million dollars in 1999 funded by venture capitalists. In 2004, a further 4 billion dollar equity listing was announced. This allowed Google to expand and launch various ventures like G mail, Google Maps, Google Earth, Docs, Google Chrome, self-driving cars, Android devices and even acquiring the video streaming service YouTube.

Corporate Restructuring of Google…

Google underwent Corporate Restructuring in 2015, wherein all its subsidiaries were regrouped under a parent company “Alphabet Inc.” Dividing Google into various subsidiaries allowed it to focus and be financially stable according to co-founder Larry Page. He also announced Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Alphabet while himself staying away from the public.

Google and India

In 2004, Google first came to India and had 5 employees. Google has been one of the most used search engines in India. It has launched Google Maps and voice recognition for Indian accents and in many Indian languages. In 2014, it also launched the smartphone Android One in India. Its various initiatives have expanded the digital reach and horizons of Indians. From businesses to the general public, everyone was positively affected by Google’s introduction in India.

To sum it all up,

The name that Google made for itself in the world can never be erased. It is the most powerful company in the world and will be, for generations to come. The legacy of the founders of Google is an inspiration for the entire world.

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