What is Social Media And why does your business need it?

What is Social Media And why does your business need it?

What is Social Media?

Social media is a medium to share your entertaining ideas, plans, or art with the public at large. This can be done in the form of pictures, videos, or text. But this is quite a boring definition, isn’t it? The horizons of social media have expanded and its meaning has changed leaps and bounds.

What has changed?

Social media is no longer “JUST” a medium of entertainment. You can now use it for your own profit.

But how? Well, this blog is an answer to this very question. So read along to find out!

Social media and business.

After the introduction of the internet, everything is at your fingertips. From a pin to a house, all the products can be bought online. But do you know how? Because the borders between countries have been virtually diminishing. You can now order your shoes from France with exciting offers and return policies. This was not possible in traditional business structure.

So more than ever, your business needs to be on social networking sites. Because online business has become a new norm.

Before going further, let’s dive deep into the difference between traditional and online business.

Traditional business V/S Online business.

Traditional business has been in this world since the dawn of time. Shopkeepers have been serving the needs of a particular locality and people have been going to the same shops time and again. This developed a feeling of community amongst them.

However, this also led to some problems. Especially the lack of choices for the customers. The customers had to choose what the local shops had to offer at the prices they charged. And the business owners couldn’t expand their clientele beyond a certain limit.  

With the advent of social media platforms and online business, the choices for customers have increased. And this also increased the target market of business owners. All they need to know is how to use social media for their benefit.

How to expand your business through social media?

This is the answer we all want. The need of the hour, the question of the century. So here are some pointers on how YOU can expand your business with social media marketing.

  1. Find the right audience.
  2. Don’t just generate leads but also learn how to convert them.
  3. Optimize your business using search engine ranking techniques.
  4. Create your brand and invest in it.
  5. Develop an ethical foundation to retain your clientele.


While social media can be tricky, you can expand your business limitlessly by knowing appropriate tricks. A small investment in this fast-paced media can definitely increase your revenue manifolds.

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